Joel Silverman's COMPANIONS FOR LIFE™ is a brand that was created to end the needless destruction of hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats. COMPANIONS FOR LIFE™ remains diligent in its efforts toward this goal by showing pet-owners how to build lifelong trusting, mutual relationships with their pets; and by showing potential pet owners the benefits of adopting a new family member from a local animal shelter.

Over the course of years, and after working with hundreds of animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups across the nation, Joel has found that many new dog owners make the mistake of rushing into training their dog before a relationship has been developed. The training techinque was not necessarily the issue. The main underlying problem is that far too often the dog’s owner didn’t take the time to get to know their dog and develop a bond before trying to train and or modify the dog’s behavior. When a pet owner tries to train his dog before a bond is created many needless problems will occur. For example, if the dog makes a mistake and the pet owner corrects the animal absent a trusting bond, the correction is perceived by his dog as a very unpleasant and negative experience. Once training becomes a negative experience the dog, or for that matter any pet, ends up going untrained and unwanted behaviors become common place. Sadly, more often than not, this results in too many pets ending up in over-crowded animals shelters or the humane society. Many times this may be a return trip for the pet that is now sadly one step closer to being destroyed. The point is that training should not be a negative experience leading to the destruction of pets; instead, it should be a fun and positive and lead to a life long bond between pet and pet-owner.

The First 30 Days – Three Stages
With COMPANIONS FOR LIFE™, the message that Joel would like to get across to all new pet owners is that it is essential they take 30 days to build a relationship with their pets. During this bonding period there are three things that will happen:
  1. They will get to know their pet
  2. They will develop a positive relationship with their pet
  3. They will build trust and lay the foundation to be a COMPANION FOR LIFE™.”
If you have already had your pet for more than 30 days, or even for years, it's never too late! You can learn how to re-build and enhance your bond with your pet and have a great relationship. COMPANIONS FOR LIFE™s goal is to really get this message out on a massive basis and save the lives of pets, and that’s why Joel is working with humane societies, rescue groups and breeders. Joel is also working with the electronic and print media to get the message out.
  By taking your time and focusing on building the relationship with your dog before you try to train him, you will become best friends. Now, think about your very best friend in the world. Wouldn’t you do anything for him or her? Your dog wants to feel the same way about you. Once your dog knows you’re his best friend, he will want to make you happy, and will learn more efficiently because he loves you, not because he is being forced to please somebody he doesn’t know, who never took the time to know him. You will have developed a COMPANIONS FOR LIFE™ and your training experience will be productive and full of affinity instead of fear.
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