As you begin searching either a humane society, animal shelter, or rescue group, remember that whether you are looking for a pure bred or a mutt, please make sure that you the time to read over the questions below, and most importantly, make sure you are ready for a dog...... Make sure you are honest with yourself too. Never forget that the reason there are thousands of dogs in animal shelters and humane societies is that people never asked themselves these very important questions. By the way, it's OK to say "no" to these questions. Say "no" BEFORE you adopt the dog.


Am I ready for 15 years of loving and caring for this animal? 

Remember that this is a lifelong commitment. Your are going to be commiting your life to being responsible for feeding, watering, and caring for this animal. If you have never owned a dog before, you're in for a treat. With a lot of love, and a great relationship, you're going to find that this dog will give back to you everything you give, and so much more!

Do I have the time right now to commit to a dog?

This is a real important question. A great example is I have a lot of friends that work in the film and TV industry, and as much as they love animals, they know they cannot own a dog because of their lifestyle. They are gone for so much of the time, and they know that to own a dog with this type of job would not be fair to the animal.


Do I have any other pets?

In general, mixing with a female dog with a male, and vice versa is normally more compatible. So if you have a female, you might want to think about getting a male. If you have a male you might think about bringing in a female. But this is not to say that a male will not get along with another male. Most of the time they do get along. This is just something that I think you should be aware of.

Are the pets good with other animals?

Some pets simply do not like other animals. Although this is something that does not happen a lot, I have seen this on some occasions.

Do I have kids that are a little too young for a new dog?

If you have a few toddlers right now and you feel your "hands are a little full", my suggestion is to wait until your kids are a little older and you have more time. Remember, a new dog is going to take time.

Is my family ready for a dog?

Again, make sure that eveyone is ready for a new dog. If you are in a situation where you have just moved into a new home, just wait until you are all situated and in place before bringing a dog in the house. You want to avoid as much commotion as possible.

Is my home ready for a dog?

Take the opportunity to make sure that your home is ready for a dog. This means making sure that the backyard has a lock on it, and the yard is totally safe and secure. Make sure that if you do have slats in your fence, that there are no slats missing in any of the sections of the fence. As you are checking the slats, check for nails that might be sticking out too. Check the inside of your house too. You may even want to "childproof" some of the lower cupboard doors in areas the dog can get to.


What type of personality do I have?

This might not matter to you, but with some people they might be younger and a little more athletic and outgoing. If so, you might be looking for a dog that is athletic and energitic too.

Do I want a high strung dog?

Again, if you are a person that is high strung and very outgoing, you might be looking for that same type of dog.

Do I want a dog that is laid back?

If you are a person that is mellow or even a little older and looking for a dog that is not going to be jumping all over the place, you might be looking for more of a quiet companion. Even a shy or reserved dog might do great for you!



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