Now that you have gotten a chance to incorporate the things the cat likes and eliminate the things the cat does not like, you have simply given the cat every reason to want to be around you.

When you take a look at your best friend, husband, or wife, you did not become best friends in a week or even a month. It took time to build that trust. You got to know the person, you took the time to develop a relationship, and you then built the trust. The same thing applies to animals, and even more so in cats because they have a tendency to be a lot more cautious than a dog from the beginning.

As this trust is built, the cat begins to understand that things ar OK. If the cat may have been a little afraid of something before, hopefully with the trust that you have built with him, he will understand that the person or thing is not so bad.

If you are going on to train your cat, this relationship and trust that has been built will lay an excellent foundation to help begin to train him.

Most importantly, this trust that has been built will ensure a long and prosperous life together for both you and your cat.


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