If you notice your cat paces or doesn’t like to be held and just wants to run around, or jump up on you, I would classify this type of cat as high strung. There are different levels as to how high strung a cat can be.

Also keep in mind that just because a cat is high strung does not mean that this is a bad thing. The fact is that some of the best cats that I have ever trained for movies, TV shows, and commercials were originally high-strung cats.  Also, just because a cat is a little high strung initially may be due to being nervous in his new surroundings. That individual cat’s personality may very well change as he becomes more comfortable in his new environment.

What makes a cat high strung? There are a few things that could make a cat high strung, but the biggest reason is simply that this may very well be the animal's natural personality. This is his natural makeup, something that he was born with, just like humans. We each have a personality that makes us who we are, and your cat is the same way. And like humans, there are some things you can do to change some of the make up of a cat’s natural personality.

Another reason that a cat is high strung may very well be a result of how this animal was cared for in the past. When cats are kept in stressful environments that they are not comfortable with, they might engage in behaviors that they would not normally exhibit. The point is the cat might have been much calmer beforehand. It’s just that the previous owners might have done something in the way that they cared for the cat that results in a cat that now wants to pace around or run.

If you first notice your cat as being a little high strung, the first thing you want to assess is why the cat is high strung. The one question you are going to want to ask yourself is, "is this the way the cat is naturally or was it something that occurred from the previous owners? You will find the answers to this question and so many others the longer time you spend with your cat.


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