One of the greatest luxuries in training dogs is the fact that they are all so different, and can have total difference and uniqueness in learning capabilites. It is not to say that an animal may not learn to do a certain behavior; but rather that the animal may just take a little longer to understand it compared to most other animals.

There are a number of reasons individuals might prefer private dog training to dog training classes. Some pet owners just like the one on one learning. My private dog training is always done on a one on one basis, so getting that specific attention can come in very handy when learning about animal behavior. Another great aspect of private dog training is the fact that I am working ONLY with you and your dog. The fact that there are not other dogs there plays a major factor in efficiency when it comes to your and your dog understanding basic principles with respect to animal behavior.

There are many different options with my private dog training program, and it really has to do with what you and your dog are looking for.


If you have problem solving issues, you might be looking to keep your dog from jumping on guests or running out the door. You may have some barking issues too, and it is not necessarily about just keeping the dog from barking. Most important is to understand WHY your dog is barking. It might be aggression, some type of fear aggression, or maybe just out of excitement. Your dog might have a fear of people, stationary, or moving objects. These are all problems that can be eliminated with my Problem Solving one on one private dog training class.


I have always told people that you do not need to train your dog like my dog Foster, or another animal actor. What IS important to to teach your dog the four things that I recommend every dog learn. Those four behaviors are SIT, STAY, COME, and the word "NO". With this Basic Behavior Dog Training one on one class, I will teach you and your dog together these very important four behaviors.


The HEEL and the LIE DOWN are the two behaviors that are taught on my Intermediate Dog Training one on one class. Your dog wil be taught two different ways to LIE DOWN, and my unique style of training the HEEL.


The SIT UP, WAVE, LIE ON SIDE, and RETRIEVE are the four behaviors that are covered in the Advanced Dog Training one on one class. My style in teaching the retrieve is a forced retrieve hybrid that will work on nearly any dog that will work for a treat, as well as most other dogs.

There are many different options available to you:

By leaving your dog with me, I obviously will be able to train the dog much faster.

Please call to inquire about rates. The rate will vary based upon what you would like me to train.

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