dog and cat training with joel silverman
Dog & Cat Training With Joel Silverman is a new and different weekend animal TV show that caters to not only the dog owner, but to the cat owner as well. This show focuses on training and will help the average pet owner deal with some of the training and problem solving issues they might have with their pet. But there is much more!
Joel was very successful with his previous TV series he hosted, Animal Planet's "GOOD DOG U". Although only 13 episodes were shot in 1999, those same shows aired for an amazing 10 years.
Each week Dog & Cat Training With Joel Silverman will have the same format and pretty much of the same weekly segments. Here they are:
the k9s of orange county
cat training with joel silverman
animal actors and joel silverman
This segment is the nuts and bolts of the show. Each week, Joel will go to a different home in Orange County (where he resides) and help them deal with a specific training issue with their pet.
So you think cats can't be trained? Each week Joel will either show you a cool tip on training your cat, or maybe even take you behind the scenes with a great working cat team that is trained for movies and commercials.
Behind the scenes with some of your favorite animal actors. Ever wonder how they get the animals to do all those things in the movies? Joel and his friends will show you!
celebrities and pets
people and pets and joel silverman
adanced dog training
Each week, Joel will take some time and spend a few minutes with a celebrity and their pet. As a Hollywood animal trainer, over the past 30 years, Joel has met a number of celebrities that really love their pets. These celebrities in the Southern California area are often involved with pet rescue or pet adoption groups too.
This people and pets segment is a very simple segment shot entirely in New York City's beautiful Central Park. Joel works a lot in the NYC area, and is always amazed at the great pet owners all over the New York City area. Each week, Joel will interview a different pet owner or dog walker and their dogs.
One of the biggest questions Joel gets from emails from fans is "when are you going to show us how to train some advanced behaviors?" Joel listened, and if you are looking for some advanced training tips, this is your segment!
working dogs and joel silverman
dog breed of the week
cat breed of the week
A lot of people do not know what "prey drive" is. "Prey drive" is defined as the instinctive behavior to pursue and capture prey. Certain dogs have more of this than others. This segment will show you how "prey drive" is used in training.
Every other week, this segment will highlight a dog breed, and will often be filmed at an actual dog show. Each episode will vary in that some breeds might be some of the more popular ones, and others may be a little more rare.
Here is another segment for you cat lovers. Every other week we will focus either on a dog or cat breed. There are number of cat breeds out there that you may never have seen before. And lately there have been some very interesting crosses.


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