I think the one thing that makes life so great is that we are all so different. Thank goodness for the dog! They compliment our lives in so many ways and yet there is so much diversity in the type of dog. There are large dogs, medium sized dogs, small dogs, and even tiny dogs. Then of course there are some with a lot of hair, and others with very short hair. There is a dog for everyone!

One of the other things you are going to ask yourself if you are looking for a dog is if you want a purebred or a mutt. It may not matter to you, and if so, you are ready to go out and start looking. I must tell you that the decision you make should come from the heart, and be totally based on what you want, and not necessarily on what a friend thinks. If you are looking for a certain breed, you are going to want to ask questions, and get some good information from a breeder or a person that understands about the particular breed. There is a great area on this site for that in the PUREBRED area.

When you know what type of dog you think you have in mind click on the link below:

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