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The old rules don't always apply to adopted dogs, whose training and past behaviors may be a complete mystery. In "Joel Silverman's Training Rescued Dogs", I acknowledge the special needs of these dogs and cover the training methods that really work for rescue dogs that hail from animal shelters, breed rescue programs, and humane societies.
The information in this book goes into a variety of training methods used to get rid of some of the most undesireable behaviors. This book also includes information on:

• Where to adopt
• Guidelines for adoption success
• Housebreaking and Problem Solving
• What to expect when you bring your new pup home (and long after)

In the "problem solving" chapters in the book which makes up for over 70% of the book, some of the behaviors I help you with are running out the door, jumping on guests, barking, fear of moving and stationary objects, fear of people, and separation anxiety.

This is accomplished three different ways: Redirection, preventative training, & using corrections. You might find that you will use one of these techniques, or all of them. This book will help you decide which one you will use, and how to apply it to the situation you are in, as well as the personality of your dog.

This book is now AVAILABLE.

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