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As someone who is recognized frequently, I have made it a point not to offer information on things other than dog training and care unless I felt it was warranted. I have kind of classified myself as "the dog training guy", so if it didn't involve those two aspects, I normally never offered my advice. But I did want to give you my opinion about something other than dog training:

I met the folks who own Bil-Jac over two decades ago, and I have always believed in, and used the food. I especially liked the way it was made, and you can just tell there is something different about it by the look of Bil-Jac vs other dog foods. I also like the fact that it is made right here in the United States in family owned facilities. And when they told me that 20 lbs. of chicken was used to make a 30 lb. bag, that just simply made a lot of sense too.

Bil-Jac is not only a great food, but they also stand behind Joel Silverman's COMPANIONS FOR LIFE™, and our mission to truly make a difference in decreasing the amount of animals in animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups. More importantly, they stand behind our training philosophy as well. You can always click on the Bil-Jac Logo on every page of my website. Please check out the videos below:

Bil-Jac Treats
Bil-Jac Food


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