I really think this is the stage where most of the fun begins, and the owner really gets a chance to know and begin to undertand the animal. Remember that in the previous stage of getting to know your cat, we just got the opportunity to learn about the animal, and kind of digested what we learned.

During the time you got know your cat, did you see that your cat was afraid of certain types of people? Was your cat afraid of men? Were there certain areas of the house the cats was a little more than others? Were there certain objects the cat was afraid of?

Take the time to think about anything the cat was afaraid of. It is essential that you make every effort to eliminate those things from the cat's life.

During the time you got to know your cat, you also found that there were things the cat did like. You got to experiment with some different types of cat treats. Were there certain treats he liked more than others? You also got a chance to experiment with a variety of different cat toys too. Was there a certain toy your cat liked more than others?

Take the time and think about all the things your cats likes, and incorporate those things in his life.

If you begin to eliminate the things the cat does not like, and incorporate the things your cat does like, you are then ready for the last phase which is BUILDING THE TRUST.


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