Whether you got your cat from a pet store, breeder, animal shelter, rescue group, or humane society, you want to make sure that you keep that animal on the same diet that he is currently on. If you would like to feed your cat a certain type of food, feel free to make the change to that food, but be sure to make the change slowly. You might want to keep the pet on the food he is used to for a few days just to keep the cat comfortable. Then for the next few days you might want to mix 50 % of the new food and 50 % of the old food together. For another few days you might want to mix 25 % of the old food with 75 % of the new food. At that point, you can eliminate the old food all together.

There really is a difference in many types of cat food. You want to make sure you look at the ingredients in each brand. When you do, you’ll find that there are a different percentage of certain ingredients in each. You also have a decision to make between wet and dry food. There are pros and cons with each type.

Another thing to do is ask a breeder. Just be real open minded because some breeders will tell you one type of food is better and another breeder will tell you just the opposite. Just make your own decision based on the information from cat breeders and information from your veterinarian.



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