If you are just bringing home a dog or cat from a humane society or animal shelter and they were exposed to other dogs or cats, they might have developed either “kennel cough” or “worms”. Both of these are easily treated. You just want to make sure that your veterinarian gets a chance to take a look at them soon after you bring them home.

When you first bring your cat to your veterinarian, and if you have never owned a cat, make sure you let your veterinarian know that. Veterinarians are not only there for the health and safety of your cat, but they are also there to make sure that you are educated and that your friend stays healthy and lives a long life. They will share with you all the things that you need to do to keep your pet healthy and happy. Their staff will also let you know how often the animal needs to be checked and show you how to keep your pet up to date on their shots.

Remember that your cat cannot tell you that he or she doesn’t feel well. By having a close relationship with your cat and truly getting to know him or her, you can more easily spot abnormalities in behavior earlier. Catching something at an early stage, whether it is simple or more complex, will save you money and most importantly, keep your pet healthy. Just always pay attention and be aware.


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