If you have seen my TV series of ever purchased any of my dog training videos, one of the main aspects of my training technique is understanding that all animals have different personalities. This area will help you with understanding a little about some of the personalities that cats have, and how to best deal with some of those unique characteristics.

I. High Strung

Is your cat a little high strung? If so, there are certain things you want to do and not do around a cat like this.

II. Mellow and laid back

If you have a cat that is very mellow and laid back, you are in luck. Like a dog, a cat that is mellow and laid back from the very beginning can be a great cat to be around, and also be a lot of fun to train too.

VI. Soft, timid, and shy

These are cats that are going to need more patience from the beginning. On this page you will get some great tips on dealing with a shy or timid cat.


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