I have always found cats to be amazing, interesting animals, so very different from dogs. If you have ever seen my training videos or TV series, you know they have always been directed toward dog training. As a trainer of animals for movies, TV shows, and commercials, I have also had many opportunities to train, and be around a lot of many different types of cats. What I have learned about cats, much like dogs, is that you need to develop a relationship with them as well.

Cats are very different types of animals. I think that when people are deciding on whether to get a cat as a pet, quite often, they believe that owning a cat is going to be easier than owning a dog, because cats are so stereotyped as being “independent”. Because of this stereotype, perspective cat owners don’t realize that a cat is a commitment. Quite often, when they realize that their new cat is going to need a lot more care than they anticipated, they don’t have the time for the animal, and inevitably, the cat can end up back in an animal shelter or humane society.

Cats can actually be more complex than a dog. But I think that one of the most interesting things about cats is their personalities. Cats, just like dogs, can have a wide variety of personalities, and are so complex that they can actually be a lot more difficult to read than a dog. The biggest reason for this is that many times, cats just don’t show their personalities.

I do think cats also get a bad rap as being labeled “independent” or “finicky”. When we label someone as independent or a “loner”, it means that the person does a lot better off by himself. Some cats might be a little more independent than others, but all cats need care, love, and companionship. The truth is, quite often cats can be “independent” or “finicky” naturally, but more times than not, cats are made that way as a result of their owners. Believe it or not, there are many things that that you can do as a cat owner within the first 30 days to avoid creating a “finicky” or “independent” cat. 

Cats are also very different from dogs in the ways they express their excitement and their fear. The whole idea in owning a cat is to remember: cats do have feelings. They are living, breathing beings, who feel love and pain, and although they might not show it, feel many of the things that we feel. Even though they might not express their emotions as clearly as dogs, believe me, they are there.

Knowing that, it is your responsibility as a new cat owner to make the animal as comfortable as possible as soon as possible in her new home. If you are looking to create a bond of trust with your cat, you build it by getting the cat to want to be with you, and you wanting to be with your cat. And the way that happens is doing the things that the cat likes, and makes him comfortable. It’s that simple. The following chapters will help you with that. 


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