In this area, I wanted to give you some ideas of tools you are going to need to train your cat. Remember that a cat is different than a dog in that a dog naturally wants to please you and make you happy. A cat needs a paycheck, and that paycheck is in the form of a treat. What I and many cat trainers have found out is that some cats get very excited over the food that you may use. Some will actually grab the food with their claws, and if you are using your bare hands, this can be a big problem. So here are a few tools to use:

Spoon - You may just want to use a regular spoon to give your cat the treat with. Just place the treat on the spoon and give it to your cat.

Dowel with spoon on the end - If you have a cat that really likes to grab the spoon you may want ot use something a little longer. Many other cat trainers that train cats for movies and commercials do what I do and that is use a long dowel and tape a spoon to the end of it. This way the cat is less likely to grab your hand.

Elevated area - When you are teaching your cat, what I have found is that an elevated area makes things so much easier. It is much easier on yoru back, and most importantly, it gives your cat a defined place to be.


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