Can cats really be trained? Absolutely! If you watch movies, TV shows, or commercials, you will see cats wokring all the time. I, along with dozens of other cat trainers, have made a living teaching cats to do some very cool things.

Remember that in training cats that a cat is much different than a dog in that a dog naturally wants to please you. Cats need that paycheck, and that is in the form of a treat. A great suggestion is to identify the treat your cat likes and only use that for training sessions. Make sure you have the Tools you are going to need too.

The two behaviors I want to help you with are STAY and COME.


Like a dog, the one thing you are going to want to do is get your cat on an area that is elevated. The cues you are going to use are just like dog training. Your right hand will be in the air and you will say the word STAY If you play one of the clips in the Online Dog Training are you will see the cue. When you are teaching the cat to STAY, remember that your cat does not have to SIT like a dog. It is just all about the cat STAYING. When the cat STAYS for a few seconds, just walk to him and reward him. You want to repeat this a few times, and make sure you stay right next to him. If he jumps of the elevated area just guide him back up there, and repeat what you were trying to do. Let him figure it out this way.

Once your cat is consistent, you can start to move back very slowly. But again, always make sure you walk to your cat and reward him. Make sure you do not let him come to you.


The greatest thing about this behavior is that most cats naturally want to be around people. You can remember that distinct sound of the electric can opener and how all of the sudden your cat suddenly appears out of nowhere. Well the cue to tell him to COME works very much the same way.

Once the cat is trained to STAY, when the cat is on the elevated area, say the cat's name. As you do this, just bend down and put a treat on the ground.

The next step is to start calling the cat's name without putting the treat on the ground. Once your cat is consistent, make sure you constantly still tell your cat to STAY and reward him for STAYING.


Remember, that teaching your cat to STAY is a much more difficult behavior than teaching your cat to COME. A great tip is to think about walking in and rewarding your cat for STAYING about 80% of the time. Think about calling your cat to you about 20% of the time. This way your cat will have more of a reason to want to STAY.


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