Just as in developing a great relationship with your dog, the last thing you want to do as a new cat owner is to reprimand your cat for behaving in certain ways that could have been easily avoided. By reprimanding your cat over and over again for a bad behavior that already has occurred, you run a serious risk of jeopardizing your relationship with your cat. And this is totally needless.

Bad behaviors can be avoided by simply taking a little time to understand the circumstances that enable them to develop. By avoiding the circumstances, you avoid the problem. The bottom line is that the solution is prevention. If the animal is not given the opportunity to be in the places where bad behavior occur, they will never happen.

Here are examples of some behavior problems:

CATS SCRATCHING FURNITURE - This is probably one of the most common ones. First of all, think about not giving the animal the opportunity to be in those places places unsupervised. The second thing is to understand that this is something your cat wants, and needs to do. My suggestion is to place a scratching post right near the area you are having the problem with the cat scratching the furniture.

CATS GETTING IN THE TRASH IN THE KITCHEN - To me, the solution to this one is all about not giving the cat the opportunity to be in that particular place unattended. If the cat never gets the opportunity to be around the trash in the kitchen unattended, the behavior will never begin.


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