the blue dog

In understanding the BLUE DOG, you really need to understand that you are dealing with a dog that quite possibly is very shy, afraid, submissive, or has some sort of fears. All of the characteristics that I just mentioned could have come from a variety of reasons. Sometimes dogs are just naturally very afraid and shy, and some are the results of circumstances and events that were not the fault of the dog. These issues could have come from the way the animal was cared for or trained in the past. But for whatever reason your dog is a BLUE DOG, the truth is these dogs have the same intelligence and potential in learning as a YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE or RED DOGS.

There can be a wide range of BLUE DOGS too. You can have a dog that is extremely shy and nervous which would put him on the outer part of the spectrum making him an “extremely BLUE DOG”. At the same time, you might have a dog that is not quite as shy or afraid of things that would put him a little closer to the GREEN DOG. Remember too, that the BLUE DOG will most likely not remain an extremely BLUE DOG. As your dog gets over some issues, develops confidence, and becomes more secure within himself, his color will change and begin to “warm up”.

The great news is your dog will chance colors. Your dog will always move towards the center of the spectrum.



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