What Color is Your Dog?

One of the biggest misconceptions is thinking that a dog owner or trainer needs to train all dogs the same way using a certain technique, and not taking into account the animal’s personality. If new dog owners and trainers would take the opportunity and just get to know their dog and understand what type of dog they are dealing with, and train their dog based upon that personality, I am convinced more dogs would end up being trained. Instead, unfortunately many dogs never get the chance to be trained because the personality was never taken into account. The results of this are a large number of dogs are returned back the breeder, animal shelter, rescue group, or humane society.

What I have done is create a color scheme to make training easier for you and your dog. Here is the way it works! Your dog will be given a color, and you will learn that the color will be based on your dog’s personality. Your dog will be RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN or BLUE. Each color has their own unique styles, techniques and methods.

Look at the spectrum:


I think it is very important that the new pet owner understands where their dog is in relationship to training and understanding what is realistic. The closer your dog is to the center of the spectrum, in general, the easier training is going to be. You can see that the yellow dog is in the center of the spectrum. This is the easiest dog to train. The green dogs are a little apprehensive and cautious and will be a little more challenging. As we move a little farther away we come to the blue dog which is VERY afraid of things and people. The same thing applies as we move to the orange dog. This is a dog that is high strung and somewhat out of control, and will be more challenging than a yellow dog. As we move farther away from the center of the spectrum, we see the red dog which is VERY high strung and out of control.

Here is the point. You would never training a red dog like a blue dog. And as a matter of fact, the way your train the warmer colored dogs (oranges and reds) and the cooler colored dogs (blues and greens) are going to differ greatly. The way you walk, talk, move, reward, correct, and even the tools you are going to use are going to be like night and day. For information on to find out what color your dog is, click on the color:


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