the green dog


GREEN DOGS can come in any size, shape, and color, but I must say that the majority of   GREEN DOGS that I have seen have been small dogs. It’s really no surprise when you think of small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pekinese, Yorkies, Maltese, and other small dogs. These are breeds that have a tendency to be a little afraid or have some sort of fear. Again, this isn’t to say that you might not find a few pups from a litter of Chihuahuas that are YELLOW or ORANGE DOGS. But I think we have all found that many of the smaller breeds may have a tendency to be a little shy or nervous and a little skittish especially with new people.

For whatever reason that your dog is a GREEN DOG, the truth is these dogs have the same intelligence and the same potential in learning as a YELLOW, ORANGE or RED DOG. Once you can get past the shyness or the fear, you’ll be amazed at some of the things your GREEN DOG can learn.

Some of the other characteristics of the GREEN DOG aside from having the tendency to be afraid might also be the fact that they are just slower moving dogs too.

If the dog has some sort of shyness or fear, there is a good possibility that it could have been caused by a variety of things from the past. The most common causes are being not properly cared for, abused, improper training, or exposure to things that have scared him or her.

With the GREEN DOG, remember that we are now moving toward the opposite end of the spectrum from the ORANGE or RED DOGS, so the training is going to begin to be much different.

The great news is your dog will chance colors. Your dog will always move towards the center of the spectrum.



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