the red dog


Of all the dogs, the ones that many of you will find yourselves training in the beginning will probably be RED DOGS. The RED DOG is a very high strung and high spirited dog, and could have a huge range in personalities within the “RED” category.

Like any of the colors of dogs, RED DOGS can come in all sizes and breeds. An example is that you might own a Jack Russell Terrier which is a very small dog and you can own a very high strung Labrador retriever, and it is quite likely that they both can be RED DOGS.

There can be a very large range or variation in RED DOGS’ personalities too. What you’re going to find is that since these dogs have such a high drive and such an upbeat personality, when you go to train them, you’re going to want to be just the opposite. You’re going to do things that involve a lot of control, because your dog is probably not going to want to stay in one place.  The example that I like to use is almost like an anchor on a boat and you being the anchor. If the current is strong, but the anchor is heavy enough, the boat isn’t going anywhere. There are a few things that you want to avoid with RED DOGS and that is anything that will increase their excitement or get them any more animated than they already are. What you are going to find is that quite often, even introducing food or treats to RED DOGS can increase their attitude and personality. I think that is probably one of the biggest differences between my technique and other positive training methods.

Just like an anchor that is solid and secure, you always want to think about being calm and in control. You will find that by using tactile rewards such as petting and stoking can actually calm your dog down too, and it is essential that you are very direct with these types of dogs.

The early training and care with this type of dog is going to require a lot of patience. The one mistake that I have seen from many RED DOG owners in the beginning is creating so much negativity towards their dog that they all fall into a trap without knowing it. They are constantly yanking on the leash, yelling at their dog, or even getting very physical. This is the total wrong way to start for many reasons, because from a training standpoint it can lead to creating a very unhappy and negative introduction to dog training from day one.

The tools that will come into play with Red Dogs are going to vary, but you WILL need control. For information on training tools click on our Dog Training Tool page.

The great news is your dog will chance colors. Your dog will always move towards the center of the spectrum.



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