the yellow dog


If you have a YELLOW DOG, you just made training easy from the very beginning!

YELLOW DOGS are really the “middle of the road” dog, and because of that, they are often the most easy to train from the beginning. There are some pretty distinguishing behavioral characteristics of the YELLOW DOG. The most common one that always comes to mind is the dog’s laid back personality.

If you take a look at the positioning of the YELLOW DOG, you will find that they are right in the middle of the spectrum. The reason they are positioned in the center is that they lack the EXTREME characteristics of the BLUE or RED dogs. They lack the shyness of the BLUE DOG, and they lack the out of control nature of the RED DOG. Because of this, these types of dogs are almost always much easier and fun to train from the onset. That is why this chapter is much shorter than the other chapters of the other colored dogs too.

You’ll find quite often in working with YELLOW DOGS that they have the type of personality that can change. Once a relationship has been established between YELLOW DOG and owner, they really will pick up on your attitude and personality. You will find that there are things that you can do to actually raise the energy level if you want to. At the same time you will find that you can also do things to calm the dog down just as easily if needed. In essence, they will look to you for guidance and will actually motivated by you.

Some dogs are naturally YELLOW, and others have become YELLOW because they have had a great owner or trainer. The great news is your dog will chance colors. Your dog will always move towards the center of the spectrum.



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