This is a great technique for dogs that will get too out of control when a treat is introduced to them. Instead of the treat as the reward, you want to give the animal a tactile reward with is petting the animal. If your dog will work for a treat without becoming out of control, my suggestion is to use the SIT - USING TREATS in the text area, or SIT USING TREATS in the Online Dog Training area. Also, to see a DVD on teaching your dog to SIT using gentle manipulation, click here:

The first thing you want to do is get the dog on something that is more elevated than you are. So you might want to train your dog on your porch, a step, a table, or maybe even a curb. This makes it easier on your back, and it also gives your dog a defines place.

Make sure that you have a leash attached to your dog's collar or chain collar. You always want to make sure you have a leash on your dog.

When your dog is calm, place one hand on his chest on the lower part of his back near the base of his tail.

Say the word "SIT" and gently rock him into the sitting position. As he SITS, say the word "STAY", and reward him.

As your dog begins to understaand you can start fading out the hand on the chest.

As your dog dog progresses even more, you will notice that he is now sitting without too much manipulation from your hand on the base of his tail.

Eventually your dog will begin to SIT just before you touch him as you say the word "SIT".

Your hand and your voice saying "SIT" will eventually become the cue.

For video clips on teaching this behavior, click on SIT-Using Gentle Manipulation in the Online Dog Training area.


SIT - Using treats





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