There’s no question that one of the most common problems that most new dog owners have is their dog not STAYING. From what I’ve seen, there’s one main reason for this that I constantly see, and here’s what happens. They actually get their dog to SIT right away, and things appear to be going pretty good. But when they tell their dog to STAY and are happy with the dog STAYING, they then call their dog to them before rewarding him.

Think about this from your dog’s point of view. Remember that for most of you, your dog naturally wants to come to you and be with you. By rewarding your dog for COMING to you, you are rewarding him for a whole other behavior. That is the COME behavior. If you consistently reward your dog for coming to all the time after you are happy with him SITTING and STAYING, why would he ever want to STAY? Based on this, your dog really has no reason to STAY.

What needs to happen is your dog needs to be rewarded in the exact place he’s STAYING. This is why you need to consistently walk to your dog and reward him for STAYING.

This way your dog understands all he has to do is STAY in one spot.

For video clips on the training of the STAY behavior, click on STAY or go the Online Dog Training area. For a DVD on teaching this behavior, check out our DVD Catalog.


SIT - Using Gentle Manipulation

SIT - Using treats




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