This is really a great and simple technique that I would recommend with most dogs. The only dogs that I would NOT recommend using this technique with are dogs that can become totally out of control when treats are introduced. But even if you have a dog that is out of control initially, once the dog calms down, you can actually begin to incorporate this technique.

The first thing you are going to want to do is get your dog on an elevated area where he is relaxed and facing you. You are going to want to take the time to get the dog calm and relaxed.

The next step is to hold a treat about 3 to 4 inches over your dogs head, moving it towards his tail. With the other hand, hold the leash so the dog cannot jump for it.

In order for him to continue to watch the treat, he must SIT. As he SITS, say the word "SIT".

When your dog is beginning to get consistent SITTING with the treat over his head, the next step would be to start fading out the treat, so it looks like you are holding it, still saying the word "SIT". That will actually become the cue.

When your dog becomes consistent with that you can begin to start moving farther and farther back.

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SIT - Using Gentle Manipulation




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