Welcome to the Basic Behavior area. In this area of the site you will find five behaviors. Although there are five behaviors, my suggestion is to start with the "SIT" behavior and go from there.

SIT - Using Gentle Manipulation

This is a style that does NOT involve the use of treats. This behavior is for dogs that have a very high drive or are a out of control. This style is also for dogs that become out of control when food is introduced.

SIT - Using treats

This is a style that DOES involve the use of treats. Training is much easier when there is some sort of motivation, and treats are an excellent form of motivation. This is a great style for any dog that will not become out of control when a treat is introduced. This is especially great for dogs that are extremely shy and timid.


This is a behavior that is essential that all dogs must learn and understand. Once this behavior is trained, you will have the control to tell your dog to STAY, and he will STAY, even when the front door even when it is opened.


If a dog were to run out the front door you would want to know that your dog will COME when he is called. Once this behavior is trained, it gives you that total control.


Just like a child, your dog needs to understand the word "NO" and what it means. Once this is trained, you will find that it gives you an incredible amount of control.


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