One of the biggest misconceptions people have about cats relates to their intelligence. I don't think that most people understand how smart cats really are and their true potential. It's kind of funny to me because cats don't always show their cards. Unlike a dog that will show his personality in a much different way, cats are very smart, and will not necessarily show it in their personality and their actions. Nonetheless, they do have a huge potential for learning. This area will give you some great tips or training issues.

I. Training and Teaching Behaviors

This area will help you train your cat to STAY and COME. You will learn about some things that will help motivate your cat too.

II. Litter Box Training

This is one of the most important things you're going to want to make sure your cat understands.

III. Problem Solving

This area will help you with problem solving issues as they relate to you cat.

IV. Cat Training Tools

Just like you and your career, there are certain tools that make your job easier. There are certain training tools that help teaching your cat easier too.






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