Probably one of the most common problems a dog owner will have with their dog is their dog jumping on guests as they come over to the house. The good news about this behavior is that most dogs will only do this out of sheer excitement, and after a few minutes, in most cases after the excitement is over with, the dog calms down.  So it really is all about getting past those first few minutes. I want to help you with that.

In trying to understand this behavior, you need to know what’s going on in your dog’s head at the time that all this happens. When you see any problem, you need to see if there are a chain of events that happen that might escalate the animal’s excitement level and even make the dog more out of control that he already is. So it is essential to be aware of behavior patterns that can develop. When we are dealing with a dog that wants to jump on guests, there are always behavior patterns the dog develops and a series of events that happen prior to the dog even jumping on the guests. Here is an example:

  • The first thing that happens is the dog will hear the guest even come to the door, and most of the time, he will hear the guests before you do. This gets your dog excited.
  • The guest will knock at the door or ring the doorbell. This gets your dog more excited.
  • At that time the dog will probably run to the door. That creates even more excitement in your dog.
  • You will open the door, and once your dog sees the guest, your dog’s excitement level will increase to another level.
  • The final result is the dog jumping, and possible barking, because he wants to get as close he can to the guest.

teaching your dog not to jump

As you get a chance to read what I just wrote and see the escalation of the whole process, you can now see where that energy comes from, and why this is really one of the most common behavior problems. Although this may be one of the most common ones, I have helped thousands of pet owners get rid of it.

Here are a few things you want to remember:

We are no longer going to give the dog the opportunity to be loose in the house once a guest comes through the door. This will no longer give the dog a chance to begin the chain of events.

We will also teach the dog that if he is in the house when guests come over, he will always have a leash and collar or chain collar. This way, he will be lightly corrected for jumping on guests. In most cases this is the best way to deal with this problem.


If you are training a dog that is going to want to jump on people when they enter the house, it is a good idea to have something that will give you as much control as possible. As far as leashes go, I would highly recommend some very strong leather leash that is comfortable on your hands, and also strong for a dog that might really want to jump.

I would also recommend any kind of collar that will give you optimum control for RED or ORANGE DOGS such as:

Alternative Training Collar
Check Choke Collars
Titan Chain Collar
Control Ease Head Collar
Remington Nylon Check Cord
Control Ease Clicker
Titan Pinch Collar

If you are dealing with BLUE, GREEN, OR YELLOW dog, you will probably want to use your dog's adjustable nylon collar that he wears.

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