In dealing with a dog that wants to run out the door, you have to look at this behavior from the dog’s point of view. In most cases, when a dog runs out the door, as he crosses the threshold of the door, you can see that his ears are up and boy, he’s feeling good. This is a very reinforcing thing for him, and that reinforcing feeling could come from a variety of things. It could be from some neighbors he wants to see, it could be kids, and it could be from another dog. For whatever reason, we need to send a message to the dog that this is not only not acceptable, but incredibly unsafe. There three types of training techniques we are going to use to get rid of this behavior. The first is the physical correction, and the second is teaching the dog to STAY, and the third is using preventative training.

The first step is to deal with the physical correction part of the training. a great way to deal with this is to follow the technique that is used to train the COME behavior. Follow the technique, and this will show you the things you need to know to teach your dog to COME when you call him..

The second step is teaching your dog to STAY. Once your dog is trained to STAY, you now have a huge amount of control once the door is opened.

The third step is preventative training, which involves you not giving your dog the opportunity to get in those situations in the first place. If you have a problem with your dog running out the door, the dog must never be loose when the door is opened. The dog should only be on a leash until he is trained.


If you are training a dog that is going to really want to take off out the door, it's a good idea to have something that will give you as much control as possible. As far as leashes go, I would highly recommend some very strong leather leash that is comfortable on your hands.

I would also recommend any kind of collar that will give you optimum control for RED or ORANGE DOGS such as:

Alternative Training Collar
Check Choke Collars
Titan Chain Collar
Control Ease Head Collar
Remington Nylon Check Cord
Control Ease Clicker
Titan Pinch Collar

If you are dealing with BLUE, GREEN, OR YELLOW dog, you will probably want to use your dog's adjustable nylon collar that he wears.

For some great video clips on this, click on training the "COME". This will take you to the Online Dog Training area.








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